About Hollis Grade School

Hollis Consolidated Grade School District 328 is a self-contained Kindergarten-8th Grade school district serving residents of Hollis Township in Peoria County, Illinois.  Hollis operates out of a single building campus with unique facilities such as a dedicated auditorium, large gymnasium, extensive library, a science lab, and a competition-sized swimming pool. 

Hollis is in the unique position to offer a decreased tuition rate for non-residents. Due to a waiver granted by the Illinois General Assembly, Hollis Grade School has lowered its non-resident tuition rate from $11,562.00 to $2,800 per year.  This enables Hollis to bring in select students in order to provide a better experience for all our students, while still maintaining a small class size averaging about 15 students per class.

If you are interested in learning more about our Tuition Program, please contact the school office.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop life-long learners who: value themselves and others, contribute to their community, and succeed in an ever-changing world.

We will accomplish this mission through the partnership of students, staff, parents, and the community by providing an educational environment that:

  • Promotes success and expects excellence
  • Develops self-directed learners
  • Allows the flexibility to meet the needs of all students
  • Utilizes authentic (real life) learning experiences
  • Integrates technology and community resources


Belief Statements

We believe that:
  • All students can learn and succeed and therefore have the right to the best possible education.
  • People have different learning styles and so have different educational needs.
  • Students, parents, teachers, and the community share the responsibility in the learning process.
  • The family is the primary influence in the development of the individual.
  • Communication between parents/community and the school leads to involvement.
  • In order to meet the needs of the global society in which we live, students must learn to solve problems and communicate effectively.
  • Every person is valuable.
  • A healthy environment is one that is safe, drug-free, orderly, and thus, encourages learning.
  • A positive self-concept encourages personal growth.
  • Excellence is the investment of time, talent, and resources.
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